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Point of Contact

Bob Warren (Del Mar, CA)

(619) 379-8848

  • Michele

    Great riding! Love your stories!

  • Michele

    Please come closer to CT so I can meet you and get your autograph on my photos!

  • Patricia McKee

    Victor Espinoza has became part of our social media in a wonderful way with riding a triple crown winner and showing us a few dance moves in DWTS on national television. Thanks for including us in your activities! Every horse person loves a great horse and American Pharoah has earned the reward of being labeled (great)!

  • Amy Helen Tremper

    We met you last year the day before the San Antonio Stakes. Nan, Pam and Amy of Paddock Chronicles.

    Hope to say hi to you before the San Pasqual.

  • Denise Rednour

    I’m just honored to follow you Victor and I wish you, your fellow jockey’s and family and friends (including the horses of courses!) a very Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with even more success!!!!

  • Laura cochran

    Thanks for letting us come along for the ride! Merry Christmas!

  • Colleen Killen

    Merry Christmas,Victor!! I have always been a California Chrome fan, he’s my baby!! you did an awesome job creating this site. I just have one silly question ( I’d appreciate any feedback from the fans as well)…is that tape on Chrome’s nose? what significance does it hold?
    other then that, God bless you and your family , Pharoah and Chrome and a happy new year :)

    • Annika Ault

      The “tape” are his nasal strips. Nasal strips help him breath more easily during his races (not sure exactly how they work). Chrome fans sometimes put band-aids or tape on their nose to represent Chrome :)

  • Nancy Coolman

    To Victor…a quick thank you for being such a kind, compassion all and caring person, you have shown us all how to be a champ, which you are, and I hope it will rub off. Others in the sports industry.

    I hope I get to see you on January 2nd, and what to wish you a Feliz Ano Nuevo, or as we say in Belgium (even though I live about 40 mi Utes from Santa Anita) Gelukkig Nieuwjaar.

    May 2016 bring yoh all your heart desires and deserves. I’m sure many people would agree with this,

    Your friend,
    Nancy Coolman

  • Patricia McKee

    Calendar for California Chrome

  • Julia Rayfield

    Kinsey and the Champ last week!

  • Patricia McKee

    Chrome’s new victory at Dubai!

  • Patricia McKee

    Great race in the SAn Felipe! Good class of horses. Smokey Image seemed to have lost a little go from the CAlifornia Derby. They said he was not great in his workouts. I hope he improves, he’s a nice colt. Maybe a race without the blinkers might change him some, who knows, He’s had better races and maybe he’ll bounce back. Racing strategy seems to have changed some when the officials are involved more in reviewing possible fouls. The move to the front has became more dangerous. Good Luck in Dubai! Chrome knows his way around the track, he has more races under his belt.

  • Patricia McKee

    Made you a T-Shirt for #BC16 and Racing With The Stars!

  • Mary Dixon Reynolds

    VICTOR ESPINOZA, I love how you ALWAYS smile and wave to the fans.
    You are a true gentleman!
    I have been supporting you and Chrome since the King Glorious.
    Keep up the good work! You two inspired me so much I wrote an article for Horse Racing Nation. Let me know what you think!

  • lauren

    Has anyone ordered a hat from this website? I ordered a Victor Espinoza hat nearly a month ago and have yet to receive it.